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    Royal Aluvean Party Thread


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    Royal Aluvean Party Thread

    Post  Valorono on Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:09 pm

    Party Name: The Royal Aluvean Party
    Party Platform: The Royal Aluvean Party fights for the rights of man, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to uphold Liberty, and the Right to a fare trial. We approve of Monarchies and Constitutional Monarchies. Humanitarian aid is something we look to keep up, if not improve upon. We believe in a strict interpretation of the constitution closely. We also believe that every citizen has the right to own and run a private business and land.
    Party Leader: Valorono
    Party Members: Valorono
    Political Position: Monarchist

    Any one intersted in joining our political party please post here

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    Re: Royal Aluvean Party Thread

    Post  Phoenixia on Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:10 pm

    ooc: First one

    The Phoenixian Kingdom hereby applies for membership.
    Brotherhood Steel

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    Re: Royal Aluvean Party Thread

    Post  Brotherhood Steel on Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:11 pm

    As we talked earlier in the week on the chat, I'm on board.

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    Re: Royal Aluvean Party Thread

    Post  Phoenixia on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:10 pm

    Solutions for current problems in the Aluvean Seas and future plans:
    I Constitutional things:
    1. The Aluvean Seas should be a federation ruled by a constitutional Monarchy, leading by the Lord Duke, the Royal Council and King Brown from Brownlands as head advisor as it stated in the constitution.
    2. We support Monarchy and like to increase it in the Aluvean Seas.
    3. We believe in the national sovereignty, every Nation should have the choice to make their own decisions as long as it not interfere with the regional politic.
    4. We believe also in regional cooperation on volunteer basis, this includes matters of economy and defense
    5. The Chatroom is a essential part of the International Communication, we believe that it must protected under all circumstances and earned a mention in the constitution.
    II economical program:
    1. The economy is to boost and to hold dear.
    2. Especial the industry should be raised as it is the solid ground of all functional economy.
    3. We are against any laws that endangered the free market, especially the compulsory acquisition of complete industry branches.
    4. Every men and women should have the right to found a business on their own ground and land.
    5. Every men and women should have the right to earn a fair payment under fair circumstances, if this is a problem for the business the government is in the need to help out.
    6. We believe that the Aluvean Seas should boost the economy of smaller members. To achieve that we are in favor for a regional bank, membership is voluntary. Every member of the bank must invest 5 % of his yearly budget, this money should manage to help the small and new members.
    6.1. to accomplish that we will nominate a Minister for Finance who will in charge for the Regional Database (aka NS-Tracker) with the duty to manage the bank.
    III Social Program:
    1. All citizens earned a fair treatment and trial, regardless of the accused crime, social situation, nationality, religion race or skin color.
    2. Privacy should be a important topic, especially in times of the Internet and growing spy options for governments
    3. The ground Freedoms of free speech, free press, free thoughts and voluntary working should hold dear but can disabled under special circumstances (i.g. Prisoners)
    IV International Relationships and Defense:
    1. The Party is in favor of a voluntary defense pact that can help with all kinds of conflicts.
    1.1 The Defense Pact should help by all kinds of attacks against one of the members but can also called for preventive strikes a majority votes in favor of it.
    2. We are in favor of a open international policy with a open invitation for forming embassies to all regions that doesn't promote hate speech or nationalism.
    3. We are in favor of diplomatic puppets as long as they don't belong to raiding regions.
    Any suggestions, comments and additions are welcome


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    Re: Royal Aluvean Party Thread

    Post  Constannia on Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:40 am

    I'm joining this party/.
    Elven Imperium

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    Re: Royal Aluvean Party Thread

    Post  Elven Imperium on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:34 pm

    I would join but I belive I was already conscripted into this party Smile (just joking) It great to be with everyone I know.

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    Re: Royal Aluvean Party Thread

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