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    The Elven Civil war workshop not the RP lol

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    The Elven Civil war workshop not the RP lol

    Post  Elven Imperium on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:41 am

    The Elven Civil war
    The Kin-slayer War

    What has come before.

    The War of Steel (Aka the Liberation of the Brotherhood)- A brutal conflict that took the lives of millions of Elves. The life of Prince Malin ap Vyshaan and other high ranking nobles. Prince Anorpaur Ap Vyshaan, second son of the Sha-Coronel is disown for marrying a human and exiled from the Empire.

    One year after the War of Steel.

    1. The rebuilding of the Tal'en'Quessir. Elves rebuild the city, but the city takes a more martial look then before.
    2. Warforge are mass produced in the empire. The Warforge soon become labors and guards for Elven masters
    3. Anti-Human resentment on the rise. The formations of legal Pro-Elf associations like the Sons of Corellon and Illegal groups like the Eldreth Veluuthra (Victorious Blade of the People) began to pop up all over the Empire.
    4. The Recall Act: All foreign troops with the exception of embassy guards are order to return to their respective nations. Lord Francis Kessinger DeVir and Coronel Faylinor Ap Ariavel make a special agreement that allows 200,000 Imperium soldier to remain the Empire.
    5. The former prince Anorpaur and his wife Marie Kessinger are made Elven royalty when they wed Princes Durunya of house Ariavel.
    6. Defections of Lady Amarakacha Ap DeZull and Lord Feren Ap Esamir to the Kingdom of Kingdom of Phoenixia

    Two years after the War of Steel

    1. As the finical and emotional cost of the war begin to be taken measure in the Empire, the Empire grows more resentful of human presence. Pro Elf groups swell with numbers of recruits.

    Three Years

    1. The nobility begin to join pro-Elf groups in droves. By the next three years 80% of the Elven nobility are members or support Pro-Elf groups.

    Four Years

    1. Princess Jainala is exile from the Grey Elf kingdom with her lover Kira. They seek refuge in the Kingdom of Phoenixa


    1. Elven military begins to ramp up to increase security of the empire. Elven scientist are order to begin researching how to bring ancient Elven super weapons back on line. By next year Elven armies are back to War of Steel levels.


    1. First examples of Elf on human violence in the Empire. Sha-Coronel orders warning to other crown alliance nation of the danger of visiting the Empire.


    1. Crown Prince Celanor Ap Vyshaan announces publicly that he is in love with lady Eli Florent of the Kingdom of Phoenixia. Celanor then states his desire to wed her. He is immediately disown by his father and exiled. Princess Selessca Ap Vyshaan is named Crown Princess. Celanor flees to Phoenixia and take refuge there. Empire ignores protests by Phoenixia.


    1. The Night of Risen Swords. In the The Celestial Kingdom of Kiku-Riku, nobles rise up and attempt to kill the royal family. The Teno is killed and the lady Sakura is wounded. The family is able to escape to Phoenixia and seek refuge there. In Kiku-Riku a shogunate is establish with the major noble families taking power.

    1. The assassination of Sha-Coronel Sorodor Vyshaan. The Sha-Coronel is killed in an explosion that take him, his wife, and many diplomats. The Sun council of The Kingdom of Aryvandaar declares the Vyshaan no longer fit to rule and appoints Malvain Ap Dryearessha as new Coronel of Aryvandaar. Lord General Faylin Ap Celeron rises in revolt in the name of Princess Selessca and seizes part of Aryvandaar.
    2. Malvain is elected Sha-Coronel in a bare majority by the High Council. Coronel Faylinor Ap Ariavel, Coronel Sarya Ap Dlardrageth, and Coronel Tiberius Ap Tauren'ohtar-Von Constannia, Coronel Ranafien Ap DeVir return to their kingdoms and begin preparing their miltaries.

    Ten years after the War of Steel

    1. At his crowning as Sha-Coronel, Malvain issue a edict banning all human presence in the Empire. He then orders all Kingdoms to follow suit. Most comply, The Kingdoms of Celebrature, Earlaan, and Siluvanede reject the edict. The Imperial government declares the kingdoms in rebellion and order the Imperial army to enforce the edict.
    2. Drow rebels take this as a signal and revolt against the DeVir family 80% of the Drow miltary join them. The DeVir are only saved by Lord Francis troops.

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