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    the Masterplan or how to recruit more RP-Players into the region (now on vote)



    Should this Plan made official ?

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    the Masterplan or how to recruit more RP-Players into the region (now on vote)

    Post  Phoenixia on Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:26 pm

    ooc: Well I have you guys promised I would have something up on wednessday turns out that I got the free time today. Thanks my muse or my cold for that or probably both.

    " Fellow Member of the Royal Council. Everyone here knows what we need to get a stronger Region, to withstand attempts of invassions and recruit drives of the mad government formerly known as Buddyland and Conservatifefriend.
    What we need is not alone unity but as well recognition in the eyes of the world. Recognition we can only achieved by attracting more Nations into our fine Region.
    Yes I know and from your groans I can hear that this is probably the most common thing you heart in the last weeks but today I prsent you a first step program to make the Region more attractive. We will need to work together for that as Phoenixia can't stand this alone so let us ignore this groans and turn to this lovely Flipchart." *even more groans*

    - massive recruitment drive via TGs, unfortunately the Auto-TG Function (credit to Auralia for bringing that into the NS-World) is not capable to select only new nations and even if the risk would be to high that a Nation is tged twice which would considered spam.
    My Idea is the following:
    We select a Team who grabs at least the Feeder regions as they are the most valuables. Anyone select one region per day and send as much TGs to new nations in his free time (remember only ONE TG PER NATION) This can rotate on a weekly basis later if we should get enough participants to cover the Seekers as well.
    Also we need to find a standard TG-Message.

    - Advancing the Gameplay-Advertisement:
    Mass TGs are good and well but honestly who read them all ? The second way to get more recruits into the region would be by starting a serious Gameplay-Advert. That means I need to tell the people why they should join the region. If I want to attract WA-Nations I would put up links to the WA-Proposals of our Region, if I want Sport-Nations I would link to a Hall of Fame. So how to attract RP-Nations ? With informations about our RPs, I have the Idea of some kind of regional Newspaper, nothing much two or three headlines like new Weapon-Deals, sightings of our RP-Chars or the announcement of Elvens next Wedding-RP.
    As well I would put up some kind of 'Did you know' feature from the Wikipedia, only basing on regional/national facts who would be proved trough the factbooks.

    - Advancing popularity trough a identity:
    Truth to be told, can you answer me three questions ICly ? Where is the Aluvean Sea ? When was AS foundet ? WHAT IS HIS HISTORY ? A good History as Const pointed it out on chat is a very good measure to attract more attention. Good Attention leads to more Nations. That is again good stuff to expand our Gameplay advert but it would be honestly better located in a Factbook thread on the NS-Forum.

    - Advancing popularity trough RPs:
    If we manage to advertise them enough RPs like the current Liberation of the Brotherhood or hopefully the reboot of the Aluvean Seas Crisis would be the ultimate advertisement to remind NS that we are an active Region with damn good roleplay. We only need to sell the right merchandise for it.
    but that's only the beginning long-term plans could be:
    - a Investment-Bank to help new Nations (only if they join our Region of course)
    - Sport-Tournaments (after the first one was lacking on activity
    - maybe a communal managed GE&T (Global Economics and Trade) shop to advert our products under one roof
    - Manifesting the already existing Crownalliance as a Tool for future conflicts (like a sort of NATO)
    last but not least.

    - Advancing popularity through alliances:
    Honestly there are damn good RP-Regions already why should everyone work for his alone ? The way Nyssa started it is a good one we need only more deepth and we need more members. That would increase our RP-Options as well as would it help reaching long term plans (see above) and it would boost our popularity by a large bit if we do that right.

    " Now we have the ground plan on Flipchart one to four, let us continue now with the more detailed plans...
    * 5 Hours later*
    " The Floor is now open for any debatte, additions or critization. Thank you for your attention."

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    Re: the Masterplan or how to recruit more RP-Players into the region (now on vote)

    Post  Brotherhood Steel on Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:14 am

    Agree with what was said above. Just need to have a few active recruiters that will spread the message.

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    Re: the Masterplan or how to recruit more RP-Players into the region (now on vote)

    Post  Phoenixia on Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:20 pm

    seeing that there is no critization I think it is safe to put this up to vote.

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    Re: the Masterplan or how to recruit more RP-Players into the region (now on vote)

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