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    The Triumvirate Party-A new party for a new Aluvean



    The Triumvirate Party-A new party for a new Aluvean

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    Chaps, Chapettes, and variations thereof.

    My name is Minerva, and as you all know from the RMB I am an Emissary from the Triumvirate Party of Vaalbara, we are Vaalbara's largest party, and have won electoral victory after electoral victory there to the point where we have started to think-where's the challenge? Eventually a man's work exceeds him and it becomes his legacy-Vaalbara is our legacy. But we are now looking to expand into other regions-and the Aluvean Seas seems very promising. We are somewhat like the Libertarian-Industrialist Party.

    So that you might gain an idea of our principles, here is the speech that Vaalbaran Party Leader Eleutheria gave when he founded the party (adjustments have been made so that it applies to the Aluvean Seas).

    The Triumvirate Party Statement of Principles as stated by Councilman Eleutheria:


    I thank you all for joining the Triumvirate.The triumvirate will always welcome believers in man's right to liberty and happiness with open arms. I think that this has the opportunity to become a big part of Aluvean, but in order for it to reach the heights that I know can ascend to, we must evaluate our position on a myriad of political issues.

    We must oppose all those who seek to limit free trade in the Aluvean government, individual nations have a right to limit trade and make corporations accountable to the level that they see fit, but it is not the mandate of the Aluvean government to control the economies of its nations.

    Whilst we believe that nations should make their own laws, It is the official stance of the Triumvirate that nations ought to have a Laissez-faire approach to both economic and social issues. The state is but a necessary evil, and has no place invading the lives of the public, no place telling them what they can or cannot do, whether it be in the bedroom (any activity between two consenting adults is acceptable-so gay marriage is an imperative) or in the office (we must ensure that we do not burden the economy with constraints). That said, our approach to individual liberty has a single limit-no man can infringe on another's liberty, in essence, my right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins.

    It is also the belief of the Triumvirate that religion can pollute the state, and end up subjugating others in the name of God-this is where our secularism begins. Our belief in simple, that the Church and State are separate entities, and there must be a clear Separation of Church and State. The Church cannot and must not interfere with the State or its citizens. Similarly the State cannot and must not interfere with Church or its believers. There can be no special preference for religion, it must not be tax exempt, and can have no place in the public sphere whatsoever. But it must not be persecuted and is a legitimate expression of human thought and should be respected and treated fairly as such. No religion can be discriminated against-or favoured unfairly-we will not tolerate theocracy or the establishment of a state religion, and laws to limit the right to pray are as abhorrent as laws to limit freedom of speech and expression.

    There must be Separation of Church and State, and also-as described earlier, a similar separation of State and Economy.
    All have separate spheres of influence and cannot be allowed to encroach on the others sphere.

    What then is the role of the state? The state's function, its only function, is to protect the rights of its people. It must have an army to defend its people from attack, it must have laws to guide its people, courts and a legislative system to determine that those laws are being upheld, and a police force to enforce the law when necessary.

    This principle of freedom must extend to any legislation which seeks to impose any unnecessary constraints on nations, in the forms of taxation, invasion of privacy, or subjugation of liberty. It is our belief that property cannot be owned, and is essentially rented from the state, this is the principle of taxation, but one man cannot be taxed more than another, which goes against principles of liberty. As a consequence the Triumvirate recommends a flat-rate income tax, the percentage made to fit with your nations economy, but must be the same for all. This way we do not burden the rich unnecessarily, they will pay more money, simply because a percentage of their wealth is more, but everyone will be in equality. This will help with social mobility and also ensure that merit is rewarded and that sloth is punished.

    We are essentially, if we were to be put on the political spectrum-Libertarians. With one exception, the Aluvean Seas does not hold the libertarian foreign policy of isolationism to be just. As it presumes that we are more rightly endowed with liberty that our fellow man, but liberty is an unalienable right of all humans. So when we see that foreign powers abuse the rights of their citizens, it is our duty to intervene and put a stop to it, and to allow humanity the dignity that is demanded by its beauty and its intelligence.

    That last phrase sums up the Triumvirate, we are believers in humanity, and we know that we were born into a losing struggle, doomed eventually to decay and to die, but that does not mean that we can give up. It is every humans duty and pleasure to do as he pleases in the pursuit of his own happiness. And by doing that he must compete with his fellow, which ultimately progresses humanity.

    We are believers in three natural rights:
    Life:everyone is entitled to live once they are created.
    Liberty: everyone is entitled to do anything they want to so long as it doesn't conflict with the first right.
    Estate: everyone is entitled to own all they create or gain through gift or trade so long as it doesn't conflict with the first
    two rights.

    These three rights must be considered in every decision that we make, whether it is in statecraft, in Aluvean Government, or in our own lives, by joining the Triumvirate you form a contract to fulfill those three principles, and to ensure that they exist for you and for others. Thank you and welcome to the Triumvirate.

    Our party is called the Triumvirate because it is based upon three very powerful and very human ideals-Liberty, Secularism, and self-autonomy. The goal of The Triumvirate is to provide those three things to the nations of Aluvean, in that we will ensure that there will be no constraining legislation, no theocratic legislation, and we will do our best to ensure that nations have the right to govern themselves. The Triumvirate opposes the idea of a robust federal government and instead maintains that a devolved government which gives more freedom to nations is the best way of ensuring that we are versatile in a time of crisis and the best way to ensure Aluvean nations' happiness.

    The Triumvirate promises you all that we will never succumb to any oppressor and we will never vote for any legislation which places limits on your national sovereignty. The Triumvirate aims to liberate man from the oppression of false gods, and human spokespersons who try to take advantage of the good-nature of their fellow man. We support man's right to worship whatever he wishes to, but we believe that this a private matter and not something that any state should involve itself in.

    If you believe in your right to benefit from the fruit of your own hardwork, and in your right to be free and emancipated from celestial and human oppresion, then join us in the struggle for a fairer Vaalbara.

    If anyone wishes to join The Triumvirate then please send me a telegram, I hope that you will all find that this is the solution to Aluvean's recent ideological schisms, and the best way to ensure that we remain versatile, free-thinking and energetic legislators.

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